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Teaching Experience

Owner and director of Oboe Brilliance Inc., from Nov. 2010 - July 2015.

K.J.P. taught oboe to children privately and in oboe choir in the Oboe Brilliance Studio
 K.J.P. was a guest composer/performer/teacher in festival OboeParis 2012 and again in 2015
Adjunct Oboe Professor, Mars Hill University, N.C.  2013 - 2014
Oboe workshops with public Elementary and Middle School students in N.C. 2013 - 2015

Owned and Directed K.J. Potter’s Music Studio from September 1992 - Nov. 2010

K.J.P. taught oboe, flute, piano and composition to children, adults and seniors in the Asheville, N.C. area. 

Published Works

  1. “In Adoration of the Earth” 12 progressive etudes for solo oboe
  2. “The Secrets of Ravens” 7 intermediate oboe duets
  3. “Illuminations” 23 easy oboe solos portraying flowers
  4. “Arc en Ciel” 16 intermediate oboe solos portraying flowers
  5. “A Dozen Roses” 12 oboe solos - intermediate to professional
  6. “ Visions” 10 advanced to virtuosic oboe solos portraying flowers
  7. “Flying with Ravens into the Night” quartet for 4 oboes
  8. “Songes d’un coeur épris” wood wind quintet # 1


Kathryn J. Potter is an Alumna of S.F. Conservatory of Music, CA, USA and Ithaca College, N.Y., USA

She holds a bachelor's degree from the S.F. Conservatory of Music, which she attended from 1985 - 1988. She first majored in oboe performance with Marc Lifschey on merit scholarship,  then majored in composition with Elinor Armer.   

She attended Ithaca College, from 1982 - 1984 on merit scholarship, where she double majored in oboe performance with Peter Hendrick and composition with Karel Husa.

She attended Ithaca College London Program in Fall of 1984 in order to study oboe performance with Michael Winfield

She studied privately on merit scholarship with Lois Wann, in N.Y., intermittently from 1980 - 1985.

Worthy of mention: she studied ballet for 10 years, private piano and voice intermittently, and sang for many years in choirs.


Featured Woman Composer
In the “International Women’s Day Chamber Concert” in Paris, France, March 6, 2015 at the Italian Consulate where her 2nd wind quintet IX Stages of Purification was premiered by quintetto AMEMOS

Selected Composer
She was chosen to be commissioned to compose a wind quintet for the medieval festival honoring le “Bon Roi René” in summer 2013 in part because she is of the compositional lineage of Darius Milhaud. The French premiere of her first wind quintet, “Songes d’un cœur épris” was in Tarascon, France where Milhaud was raised. It was performed next to the famous “Chimney - or Fireplace”  in the castle of Tarascon. 

Asheville Downtown Hero
In 1995 Kathryn was given this medal, in recognition for her leadership, directing the 'Performing Arts Series' and 'The Early music to the Avant-Garde' series at the Green Door.

Last But Not Least

Kathryn J. Potter is deeply inspired by the beauty of the earth, cosmos and the mystery of love. She relishes the times spent in her childhood with her father, canoeing, hiking and bird watching up and down the Eastern U.S. Coast, on and off the grid. She is the proud mother of a considerate and creative adult man. K.J.P. loves to paint, write poetry, cook, garden, walk and participate at times in dream groups and reading groups. She presently lives in Asheville, N.C. with her husband Eliot Wadopian. She believes “The ultimate purpose of art is to increase the ability to love.”, and feels that it is a great honor, to be entrusted with the artistic nurturing of a child (of any age). Kathryn continues to create a comprehensive pedagogy for oboists, day one to virtuosity which she calls Oboe Brilliance. She is profoundly grateful for her education, and has a strong will to give back all she's received tenfold to help encourage people to embrace a musical instrument for lifelong enrichment.

References Available Upon Request.