Oboe Playing enrichment ideas August 9, 2017

Dear Oboists,

Hello and welcome. In this blog, I'll share with you some ideas you are welcome to use to add to your private oboe playing - or other instrumental playing.

Warm ups:
While the reed soaks - practice the 5 step focus (see prior blogs in Oboe Brilliance)

Warm up: Echo half notes.
Play a low note 2 seconds forte, rest 2 seconds, repeat note 2 seconds piano.
(repeat pattern with increasing lengths of time as you wish)

Technical elegance: Crescendo 8th notes
Select one pitch, starting piano, play repeating 8th notes as you gradually crescendo to forté
 (repeat using another pitch..."" repeat exercise as many times as you wish)

Pentatonic improvisation.
Select 5 pitches and improvise playing only those 5 pitches. Feel free to think of each pitch as a color and decide to create a sonic portrait of the idea of your choice using those 5 colors.

Repertoire polishing:
Select a movement from the repertoire, and play each measure 4X in a row, each time with a different dynamic level. Feel free to breathe and rest in between each new measure as needed but strive to play the repeated measure on one breath.

Rhythm study: using any notes of your choice repeat the following rhythmic pattern:
1/2 note, triplet, dotted half note

Kathryn J. POTTER

P.S. (SKYPE lessons available with prepaid appointment.)