Improving phrasing

Dear Oboists, PHRASE even better to take your oboe playing to higher heights and deeper depths.
Here are a few ways to do that:
Technical practice.
1) Play the entire phrase, all slurred and on one breath ff.
2) " " pp
3) Play the first note of the phrase mf and hold it out in a long tone while you hear the entire phrase in your head imagining it exactly as you would ultimately want to hear it performed.
4) SING the phrase as you would want to hear it performed.
5) PLAY the phrase " "
6) Play only the highest and the lowest notes of the phrase.
7) Play only the tonic and dominant notes of the phrase.
8) Play only the mediant and submediant notes in the phrase.
9) Play the phrase 4X in a row each time as if a different character with a different psychological disposition were singing it.
10) Play the phrase using all the wrong articulation and dynamics.
11) Play the phrase correctly!!
12) Imagine the phrase as if it were a sound track for different atmospheres.
13) Pretend you are playing the phrase with an oboe made out of gold,
repeat " " silver
repeat " " crystal
repeat " " bone
repeat etc....
14) Play the phrase so that the antecedent is p and the consequence is mf.
repeat this pattern using different dynamics and/or as if 2 characters were in conversation.
Using these above approaches, have fun taking a movement, then entire work of repertoire up a notch or two.
Be musical, listen to your heart and HAVE FUN.

Musically yours,
Kathryn J. Potter