Summer oboe playing fun 3

Dear Oboists,

Welcome to the weekly summer blog for oboists where I post an idea or two to toss and add into your oboe playing for fun.

Week 3:
m3, M6 warm up

1) Hold a mid register note, then as smoothly as possibly, slur down a m3 (minor third)
(A minor third in an interval. For example, if you think of the note you selected as the 8th note of a Major scale, slur down from the tonic, or 8th note of the scale, down to the 6th note of the scale you, create a minor third. C third space down to A for example.)
2) Repeat the first note then slur up a M6 (Major 6th) such as C up to A or the first note of a Major scale up to the 6th note of the Major scale.

Apply spot light on tonic (first scale degree) and submediant(sixth scale degree)

First, select a melody. Play aloud only the tonic and submediant notes of the melody and hear/imagine in your head in proper time, the other notes of the melody.

Next, do this exercise in reverse by imagining tonic and submediant and playing aloud all the others.


Improvise a melody of your own by playing mostly (51% or more) minor thirds and major sixths.