Learn: Musical freedom and technical elegance with personal trainer and Oboe Brilliance founder, Kathryn J. Potter.

Oboe student since 1974, Oboe teacher since 1992, internationally recognized and published composer since 2012, Oboe Brilliance founder Kathryn J. Potter offers compassionate, creative and personalized artistic musical training to students of all ages and skill levels seeking to find themselves by exploring artistic fulfillment either in learning the art of composing music, teaching music, playing piano and/or playing the oboe.  * LISTEN * DISCOVER * KNOW THYSELF


Skype coaching sessions are available to musicians internationally who are interested in studying the Oboe Brilliance music and/or teaching philosophies, with Oboe Brilliance founder, Kathryn J. Potter. 

Paid via PayPal to info@kathrynpotter.com
Lessons are $ 60. per hour.
$ 250. for 5 hours or $500. for 10 hours.

Request to schedule and introduce yourself.












Private lessons are available for personalized artistic training in studio for those who seek to find, explore, expand their own voice via oboe +/or piano, +/or composing with the unique teachings of Oboe Brilliance founder, Kathryn J. Potter.

Cash, or PayPal $ 60. per hour
$250. for 5 hours or $500. for 10 hours

Request to interview. Acceptance based on motivation, not acquired skill level.




Oboe Brilliance Blog: Devoted to meaningful,  life long oboe playing enrichment.

Muse Echo: Devoted to the creative process, of works completed and/or in progress.

I used to have a blog schedule which I kept. Now I just blog when the spirit moves me!