International SKYPE lessons are available for oboists by prepaid appointment for those who wish to study the composed music or musical learning methods of Oboe Brilliance. Lessons are $ 50. per hour. payable via PayPal. Email to inquire and introduce yourself.

On location or group lessons are available in person Chez Oboe Brilliance in Asheville, N.C. by prepaid appointment for those who wish to study
* the art of oboe playing in it's complete history with proper stylistic practice - with the modern oboe
* the oboe music and teaching methods of Oboe Brilliance
* keyboard skills (superb technique, and skilled expression using a touch sensitive full Yamaha Clavinova digital piano keyboard.)
* in depth diaphragmatic breathing and posture prowess
* superb embouchure and articulation
* musical composition, musical history, music appreciation
* fundamental eurhythmics, meditation
* greater imaginative development
* deepening the art of listening
* fundamentals of conducting
* sight reading and solfége
* the art of teaching music and the art of teaching how to play the oboe
* oboe reed adjustment is available for students and reed making basics from tying and up can be discussed and demonstrated

$ 50. per hour cash or PayPal by prepaid appointment Email to inquire.

Please note that students under 18 are required to have a parent or legal guardian present.
Above terms apply for all new students, "grandmother" clause if honored for all returning students.

Visiting composer/performer/teacher/lecturer/artist in residence: Email to start conversation. All is custom created for specific occasion.


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