Skype coaching sessions are available to musicians internationally who are interested in playing the music composed by and/or study K. Potter's unique teaching methods.

Paid via PayPal to info@kathrynpotter.com
Lessons are $ 50. per hour
available by prepaid appointment

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Coaching is available to groups of students, teachers, or professionals who are interested in performing or understanding the Oboe Brilliance music and/or teaching methods.







Private lessons are available by prepaid appointment in studio for those who seek to find, explore, expand their own voice via oboe playing and/or composing with the unique teaching methods of founder K. Potter.

Cash, check or PayPal $ 50. per hour.

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Kathryn offers individualized lessons with an integrative multiple intelligence approach for all ages and skill levels. Minors 18 and younger are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult within ear shot at all times.



Oboe Brilliance Blog: Devoted to the enjoyment of life long oboe playing for all oboists.

Muse Echo: Devoted to the creative process, works completed and in progress.

I used to have a blog schedule which I kept. Now I just blog when the spirit moves me!