Dear Ones,

Oboe Brilliance has two arms.
Arm one is for the perpetual development of comprehensive pedagogy for oboists day one to mature virtuosity, which can be commissioned. (For those interested, commissioning études, or a collection of progressive melodies, is suggested. )

Arm two is for the perpetual development of repertoire for solo oboe and up to chamber orchestra, full orchestra, with keyboards, voices, and classical guitar, which can be commissioned.

For those interested, here is "The Muse's Wish List Menu" for your consideration and recommendation,. If inspired, please commission!

Black Sails
trio for oboe, horn and harp

Love, Harmony, Beauty
trio for flute, oboe and piano

This Mountain Weeps Bitter Tears
6 duets for oboe and double bass
(with accompanying original poetry and paintings)

7 Vespers for oboe and pipe organ

Body of Light
concerto for oboe and chamber orchestra

Le Cheval de Feu
quartet for oboe, bassoon, pipe organ and timpani

White Rose Blooming under Full Moon
trio for oboe, horn, and classical guitar

24 Nocturnes
for oboe and piano

52 Aubades
for solo oboe

7 Fantasias
for solo oboe

Everything is negotiable. Please contact to begin the conversation.
Thank you for your interest and best regards,
Kathryn J. Potter
September 27, 2017