Dear Ones,

The on going future of Oboe Brilliance rests in support and COMMISSIONS.
In order to continue composing music for the oboe students of today and tomorrow AND the repertoire which includes the oboe of today and the future, I require support on ALL levels, financial, technical, performance, commercial, cultural - and sincere devoted interest by those who adore the oboe as much as I do. Oboe Brilliance is unique in that it is for ALL oboists, ALL ages, ALL levels, globally, for all aspects for both private individual and cultural life enrichment.

I (continue to) dedicate my  LIFE to this.

As one person, there is only so much I can do. I am limited to my time and lifelong devotion. I can compose and teach, but there is so much more to do. I am just the beginning. With help, the music can leave my work desk and fly onto the music stands of children's homes, oboe studios and concert stages and equally important the music rooms of people anywhere who play the oboe simply for their own life celebration and enrichment. 

Please help if you can - even if it's just by making a humble gift towards the work or by buying an already published work as a gift to yourself or another. Make no mistake, book sales, teaching and performance royalties do not come close to me "breaking even".  Commissions are VITALLY important for me to compose new music. No, this is not tax deductible, No, I do not spend time with grants. I must have all my time for composing and with no political, or commercial or religious strings attached so I can do my work properly with true artistic freedom and integrity based on what I know to be true of children, teaching, emotional needs of oboists and audiences with a visionary sense in my work.

I do this because it is my passion, life calling and in order to honor my charge from my mentor which I made an oath to fulfill. Also, I wish to give back as well as give forward. It's about love, purpose, joy and devotion with the oboe as the vehicle.

Oboe Brilliance, to the extend that it exists today, does so because of the graciousness and generosity of so many. Oboe Brilliance is an expression of the goodness in people who love the oboe, children and the cultural arts globally.

Below is information of what specifically can be commissioned to contribute to the pedagogy and/or repertoire of Oboe Brilliance.

Thank you for your interest!
Kathryn Potter
November 3, 2017

Oboe Brilliance has two arms.

Arm one is for the perpetual development of comprehensive pedagogy for oboists day one to mature virtuosity, which can be commissioned.

Arm two is for the perpetual development of repertoire for solo oboe and up to include instruments found in the Western classical orchestra, and/or classical guitar, pipe organ, piano, harp, voices.

For those interested, here is "The Muse's Wish List Menu" for your consideration and recommendation,. If inspired, please commission!

 Arm One Muse's Wish List - PEDAGOGY

1) Once Upon a Time*******
101 progressive solos and duets for children of ALL ages
 First level* progressing to second level of oboe playing**.  *once reading music and knowing fingerings have been accomplished. (Pitch ranges from first ledger line E to third space C, and progressing to lowest C progressing up to first octave G#. )
2)  505 Warm ups, exercises and patterns for everyone
 exercises both notated and easily understood for intelligent improvisation
progressive and appropriate for ALL levels and ages of oboists
3)  Oboe Brilliance progressive Études
Book 1a : Level 1-2 solo / 1b Level 1-2 oboe duets / 1c 1-2 level oboe and classical guitar* duets
Book 2a: Level 2-3 /2b and 2c simile as above
Book 3: Level 3-4 / " "
Book 4: Level 4-5 / " "
Book 5: Level 5-6 / " "
Book 6: Level 6-7/  " "
Book 7: Level 7-8/  " "

* I foresee the classical guitar being the go to instrument of the future plus it IS so very lovely!

Arm Two Muse's Wish List - REPERTOIRE

Black Sails
trio for oboe, horn and harp

Love, Harmony, Beauty
trio for flute, oboe and piano

This Mountain Weeps Bitter Tears
6 duets for oboe and double bass
(with accompanying original poetry and paintings)

7 Vespers for oboe and pipe organ

Body of Light
concerto for oboe and chamber orchestra

Le Cheval de Feu
quartet for oboe, bassoon, pipe organ and timpani
(to be dedicated to Marika Lombardi)

White Rose Blooming under Full Moon
trio for oboe, horn, and classical guitar
(to be dedicated to Ms. Marie-Ange Fultier and family)

24 Nocturnes *******
for oboe and piano

52 Aubades
for solo oboe

7 Fantasias
for solo oboe

Everything is negotiable but a point of reference is this: starting at $ 1,200 per 5 real time performance minutes per instrumental voice, keeping in mind that I'll count keyboards and guitar as 2 voices.

Please contact to begin the conversation.

Thank you for your interest and best regards,
Kathryn J. Potter
September 27, 2017
again updated November 3, 2017


*******Pedagogy special: Offer for the Oboe Brilliance 7th anniversary celebration, any commissions for the Once Upon A Time will be put on the top of my composing list and any donations/sponsorship will go towards that immediately. It's top of the list priority as there is a real need NOW for quality melodies level 1-2 by and for OBOISTS of all ages.
*******Repertoire special: Limited commission offer 50% off for ONE nocturne commissioned if  down payment paid for and commissioned with contract agreed upon and signed: between November 4th 2017 - December 31st 2017