3 New works coming soon in 2018....

Dear Ones,

I'm happy to announce that in Spring of 2018, 3 new works will become available:
1) Oboe 4tet # 2 "Flying with Ravens into the Sun";
The second in the 4 oboe quartet series based on the poem "Flying with Ravens into the Night", the title of the first oboe 4tet.
2) 12 short, tight and tonal, two voice melodies designed for oboe and bassoon (etc.) or piano - and written out for piano - "The Mother & Son Mask Project". Each mask and duet depicts the gist of each month of the year as my son and I interpreted them the year we collaborated to create this first mask project collaboration. Each colorful mask is is 2D and an option to have digital projections available for dance performance or in background to accompany performance will become available too...
3) "Dreams of the Black Swan" a long and mysterious trio for flute, oboe and bassoon designed in 13 dream fragments. 

Stay tuned and happy oboe playing/listening!

Musically yours,