Summer fun/enrichment ideas August 2, 2017

Dear Oboists,

Welcome! Hope you're enjoying your summer oboe playing ( OK, or Winter if you're South of the Equator!)

This week's ideas for your musical enrichment are:

Warm up: Starting on lowest D play the following scale sequence ascending, then retrograde descending: D, E, F#, G, A, Bb, C#, D

Next, if possible, with a D and A drone (pitches consistently generated - via tuners which sound pitches, or drone machines... etc.) improvise on this scale.

Echo intervals:
Play an interval of a Perfect 5th ascending forte (loudly), then repeat piano (softly)
(Ex. tonic to dominant in a Major or Minor scale. Tonic is the first degree or note of a scale and the dominant is the 5th note. So, in the D Major scale, D is tonic as it is the first degree or note of the scale, and A is dominant as it is the fifth note or degree of the scale.)

Select a movement and or entire work from the oboe repertoire and pay special attention to every Perfect 5th in the melody, ascending or descending. Be hyper aware of the dynamic level of the two pitches and emotional tone this interval creates within you.

Musically yours,
Kathryn Potter