Summer playing enrichment - SING

Dear Oboists,

SING to take your oboe playing to higher heights and deeper depths. If you don't already do this. If you do - then do it more!!! or just appreciate the reminder :

Sing a note - then play it on the oboe. repeat x times
Sing two notes " "                                    " "
Sing three ....  " "

Sing a scale - then play it - sing/play/sing/play
" " another scale ...."
Sing a phrase of a piece you are playing - the play it...sing/play/sing/play
Sing the entire movement....entire work - as best you can....sing/play/sing/play

Stretch the embouchure endurance by playing a phrase, singing the next one - then "leap frog" singing/playing your way through the work.

You can start out with humming if you're shy or need to warm up your vocal chords.
If you are a teacher - then SING WITH YOUR STUDENT - or play your oboe while your student sings or SING while your student plays. Be encouraging!

INDEED - get yourself comfy with singing and sing regularly as a part of your own private oboe playing practice. It will take you higher musically. It will improve your playing and relationship with music. It might also increase your appreciation of the instrument.

Remember - the oboe reed is a set of substitute vocal chords. Substitute vocal chords are an extension of yourself. SING through your oboe. The oboe is an extension of your body.

Best wishes for fulfilling and musical oboe playing<
Kathryn Potter
August 17, 2017