Summer Fun study ideas July 12, 2017

Dear Oboists,

This summer, 2017, I'm blogging once a week to share some ideas to toss into one's oboe playing.

1) Warm up:
Start with one pitch. Play it a lot in as many ways as you can. Push yourself. Get creative. What can you do with just one pitch? Be daring, without sacrificing beauty - what ever that means to you. 
Next, add one more pitch and relate the two. Keep the spirit of exploration as above.
Add a fourth pitch as above, and then a fifth.

Push yourself past discomfort and frustration into some new areas of beautiful music making.

Suggestion: Select one of the 5 pitches to emphasis and one to mostly ignore. Think relationship among a family of 5 pitches.

Next, add octaves in relationship to your chosen 5 pitches.

Do your best to stay emotionally connected with each note. Listen to the notes as if you are listening to a friend. What is the mood? Expression? What's the story unfolding?

Best wishes and regards,