Summer oboe playing fun # 2

Hello Oboists,

Welcome to the once a week blog for this summer which celebrates oboe summer playing with an idea or more a week to toss into your oboe playing to take your playing polished up and your practice time fresh.

This week:

Articulation and octave work out.
1) Start with a note in the lowest register, repeat it over an over again, first quickly in succession then gradually slowing down until you get into long tones - how long is up to you of course.
Add to the challenge with a slow controlled diminuendo.
2) Play the note again slowly then slur up an octave and repeat that note in the higher octave quickly in succession then slowing down gradually.
Add to the challenge with a slow controlled diminuendo.

Advanced: continue this practice up another octave and/or repeating this pattern starting with higher pitches.

Warm up:

Play a note
slur down a minor second
hold it for a moment
slur down a minor third
slur down an octave from your starting pitch

Repeat pattern as desired
repeat pattern in ascension

Advanced: After doing the above warm up, let yourself go and simply improvise for a while using a thoughtful interval approach until you can just fully let go allowing your mood to carry you off like a current.

Enjoy and happy oboe playing!
Best regards,