Summer oboe playing fun # 1

Dear Oboists,

Happy first day of summer. (If you live North of the Equator and if not, then happy Winter Solstice to you!)

Summer is a great time to improve skills in playing octaves by polishing up and/or extending range and control of pitch, color and articulation in the outer registers.

For week one of summer oboe playing fun, I invite you to warm up with this exercise:

Play a low note holding it out,  slur up a M2, then slur up a P8. Rest and repeat pattern starting on a different note.
TIPS: in addition to consistent diaphragmatic support
1) Be attentive to the finesse and beauty of the attack of the low note articulation.
2) Hear the note you are approaching in your head before you play it in physical reality.
3) Zero into the center of the pitch and be conscious of the color of the note you are creating.

Keep working up the oboe, starting this pattern gradually on higher notes allowing you to extend and/or polish up your top register in addition to polishing up articulating the beginnings of the lowest notes.

Incorporate these improved octave intonations and high note colors along with improved or polished up articulation of lower notes into ALL you play!!

Play beautifully and have fun.
Musically yours,