March Madness Oboe Discipline Challenge week # 1

Hello dear ones,

Happy March oboe lovers!! Ready to polish up or spruce up or change up your oboe playing routine?

Oboe Brilliance invites you to take the MARCH MADNESS oboe DISCIPLINE challenge!

There will be 4 challenges, one per week.

Week 1:

1) While your reed soaks, pick up or create an oboe discipline journal to write down your goals and daily musical practice activities. No need to stress, if need be, pick up a piece of paper right now and then later create a folder, but write by hand on paper.
(What's ideal is a mole skin book or slender book that can slip in and stay in your oboe case front pocket.

2) Create one special personal goal for March.

3) Follow this practice routine for one week - personalize and modify as you wish:

A) Warm up routine
1) Play long tones in this pattern: (Practice perfect form and posture - fast, supported air stream - concentrate on the most BEAUTIFUL articulation control for the beginning and endings of notes and a rich round sound in between!)

play first space F, for 4 seconds, rest 4 seconds
" " 8 " " rest for 8 ""
" " 16 " "rest for 16''
" " 32 " "rest for 32"
(intense option ... "" 64)

mono dynamic suggested

2) With beauty and control, and as smoothly and elegantly as possible, play a one octave, descending Bb Major building scale
(start on third space Bb slurred to A 4x, then Bb, A, G slur 4x etc.)

repeat 1 and 2 as you wish

If you do repeat, play a one or two octave ascending Bb Major building scale

3) Think of a flower, select 5 notes and improvise a sonic portrait of it using only those 5 notes - don't worry, just have fun

4) Sight read an etude at your sight reading level (no more than 2 mistakes per line of music) and practice it

5) Learn or dust off an Handel Sonata for oboe. Play each movement as if your are singing. In fact, go ahead and alternate playing a phrase and singing the phrase. Don't cheat by humming - open your mouth and just do your best! Remember when you return to the oboe that your oboe reed is your substitute vocal chords and the oboe is an extension of your body.

You ARE singing through your oboe!!!!

ENJOY!!  xoxo KJP

PS (If you're looking for Etudes to sight read - I suggest "In Adoration of the Earth" found on the Published works page of You will find 12 progressive etudes in that book, something for everyone. )