Aubades plus composing update

Hello dear ones, Time for a brief composing update.

Hope you're doing well.

The Mother Son Mask project (12 duets perfect for oboe and bassoon or just piano) is all finished as far as the creation stage. It still sits on back burner in terms of how to finalize, share and/or market...neither Ivan or I are in a hurry about it as we work on other projects and are not sure how to best proceed at this point. With the musical art market all crazy now - I'm just not sure.

I'm SO very close to being done with the final sketch of "Dreams of the Black Swan" a set of flute, oboe and bassoon trios in 13 consecutive movements....and I look forward to painting abstracts to accompany. This is a gift for an oboist friend. Not sure about the hows if any of future sharing.

Forgive me, with a big financial loss of being a published composer, my only hope as I can see it now is in a commissioned based income...perhaps a perk of a future commission is that the one who commissions a new work can have a formerly completed work, unavailable to the public while he/she waits for the new work to be completed....


I'm back in the river of composing the 5 5tets. I had a breakthrough earlier this week regarding the 4th quintet!!!!!!! Since all 5 5tets are related and interwoven, this opens the gates for me to fly forward with more detailed composing. Ideally the 5 5tets should be performed sequentially, but I'm designing them so they can be performed separately as well, if need be as all 5 5tets performed consecutively would take an hour give or take.... I HOPE to complete this in 2017. I will do my best providing the outcome is my best.

Yesterday I decided to gift myself and compose an Aubade for solo oboe to play in celebration for my upcoming birthday - 52! Just a nice work to play in my music sanctuary to start the day with an accompanying "Aubade" painting Well, I'm creating a specific rondo form with rules for this Aubade and for the subsequent 51 more to make a set of 52 Aubades for solo oboe.

Kindly visit the commission page and Muse's Wish List for more info. about the Aubade project.

Thank you for your interest.
Best wishes,

Kathryn Potter
February 24, 2017