Gratitude and flowers!

Dear Guests,

November 4th 2017 marks the 7th anniversary of Oboe Brilliance. Today as I write this (on November 3rd 2017) I take a moment to reflect and articulate gratitude for what has inspired me and motivated me. Simply put in addition to the beauty of nature expressed in flowers, OBOISTS who have shown me kindness and moral support for Oboe Brilliance have been a motivating source of inspiration as well.

100 Flower Series: Early on in Oboe Brilliance, I had an idea for a project to compose 100 sonic portraits of flowers for oboists around the world to enjoy, however, when it came time to make a list of 100 different varieties of flowers, I didn't know as many as 100 different varieties! I asked oboist I knew on Facebook for suggestions. Oboists around the globe offered help and suggestions in various ways in aid of this project. Indeed "Together we DO live in a world of flowers!"

With the exception of only one oboist, (who has also been kind to me) all the names of the oboists who I dedicated a flower in the 100 Flower Series, either asked specifically for that flower (true in most cases), offered flower suggestions OR said I could choose a flower for them for those offering moral support in other ways. Anyone who has a book from the 100 flower series will see that there are many oboists named! 

I am deeply grateful to the oboists who have taken the time to play the flowers at home for their own enjoyment and let me know about it.  At home, personal enjoyment of oboe playing for life long enrichment celebrating life and the oboe is the heart of what Oboe Brilliance is all about, and it is that feedback which gives me a good shot in the arm to keep going.

Thank you also, for the oboists who have shared these flowers with their students and communities.

Extra special thank you to oboists who have performed some of these flowers in large public events and especially to Marika Lombardi, Enrico Calcagni, Robin Tropper, and Elena Troncone for sharing these flowers via recordings with me and others. You are the "wind beneath my wings" . xoxo

Standing offer, any oboist for whom a flower is composed, is welcome to a gratuity SKYPE coaching for ANY flower in the series.

Skype sessions are professionally available for any oboist world wide for flower or any other Oboe Brilliance music coaching. Just email me to set up a  SKYPE coaching appointment.

Happy oboe playing!

P.S. (Feel fee to email me to inquire which book in the flower series might be best for your own home playing and/or for your oboe studio.)