Oboe Brilliance 7th anniversary PARTY on Facebook

Dear Guests,

You're invited from Saturday November 4th - Saturday November 11, to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Oboe Brilliance on Facebook on the Oboe Brilliance Facebook page.

Feel free to stop by and say happy birthday, introduce yourself with a photo and/or of a video squeaking an oboe reed, or playing an excerpt from any Oboe Brilliance pedagogy or repertoire.

Feel free to express support of anyone participating.

ALL oboists, ALL ages, ALL playing levels,  ALL schools of thought are welcome at the Oboe Brilliance table. There is room and love for everyone. NO exceptions. No matter how well you do or may some day play the oboe, as long as you play the oboe you are a member of the Oboe Brilliance family simply by playing something in the pedagogy or repertoire and/or employing some of the philosophies and/or teaching practices into your oboe playing life. Oboists who play with the heart and/or music of Oboe Brilliance are what makes Oboe Brilliance SING. YOU ARE IT. 

People who support Oboe Brilliance in their own special and wonderful way other than playing the oboe themselves are equally important in making Oboe Brilliance a reality. THANK YOU and please know you are equally loved and welcome. You know who you are. From my point of view, you are life a good reed ! HONK HONK to you! xoxo

Instead of serving food and drink to my guests, I will be offering some specials:
Limited SKYPE coaching specials
(Normally $50 per hour, just $15 per half hour if ordered during anniversary week, and I plan on making this a tradition.)
Limited COMMISSION specials (maybe only for this year?)
(see Commission page Muse's Wish List)
Limited gifts of MUSIC.
(Oboists or Oboe studios who post a link of a YouTube - or video of a rehearsal and/or performance of Oboe Brilliance pedagogy or repertoire, and who provide me with their contact information, will receive appropriate music as a gift in kind, for participating in the anniversary party!)

Happy Oboe Playing!