The first book and overview/purpose to the Oboe Brilliance philosophies

Dear Guests and to whom it may concern,

"In Adoration of the Earth" is the title for the 1st of 8 books published and available at this time.
It is comprised of 12 progressive études for solo oboe and is designed to be suitable for an overall warm up to cover the pertinent bases of oboe playing including some techniques such as harmonics, multi phonics, quarter tones, and the comprehensive vocal range of the oboe in about 20+  minutes. (I think of it like a morning sun salutation or overall work out.)

Several études in the book were works which I composed specifically for different individual oboe students to help meet their needs at that time in their life. Others were created to provide etudes to introduce techniques such as multi phonics or quarter tones in a simple, dauntless way in general, just to have a book of that on hand.

Each work is a sonic portrait of an animal and can be used as a way to develop imagination, artistry and empathy. May this book and all books aid in helping each musician find and express his/her own unique musical voice.

This book introduces the building blocks of the Oboe Brilliance philosophies which are simply put that:
1) Time and eternity are two sides of the same coin which music bridges.
2) Invisible eternal love and organic life manifest are two sides of the same coin which musicians can deliberately honor and cherish through conscious expression.

The keystone philosophy of Oboe Brilliance is that the ultimate purpose of art is to increase the ability to love. Art is an integration of heart and mind which music gives voice. Joy is increasing consciousness through gratitude and integrity.

Keeping in mind that just like the oboe is one instrument in the orchestra, just like a galaxy is one drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of life, I think of each oboist or person is like a flower in the garden of life and it is each and every human's personal responsibility to bloom and be the unique expression she or he is destined to be - how ever remote, unrecognized by others or celebrated by a few that person may be. The way I see it and think of it, this work is about knowing and becoming thyself/Thyself  and It is my hope that the philosophical teachings, oboe pedagogy and repertoire of Oboe Brilliance will aid many oboists in that purpose for now and generations to come, not just me and my dear students. The 100 Flower Series grew in part, out of that analogy of oboists, individual people being like a flower and blooming, as representatives of knowing thyself/Thyself.

The purpose/mission of Oboe Brilliance is to increase the level of JOY in the universe through life long oboe playing. I believe it is through knowing thyself, respecting and rejoicing in life with expression, community and compassionate art, joy is increased.

Oboe Brilliance exists in order for me to honor a promise - a charge -  my mentor asked (insisted) me to make to her, shortly before she died. This promise is congruent with what I believe to be my life purpose, so, it's all good.

I hope you will get as much as you can and choose to out of these works and Oboe Brilliance. Feel free to ask me any questions, let me know what you think the oboe pedagogy and repertoire need, what you might want and last but not least, any and all support to make this endeavor more successful is certainly welcome.

On November 4th, 2017, Oboe Brilliance celebrates it's 7th birthday.
Thanks to all who've been supportive along the way (you know who you are) and I hope it's a good beginning with decades ahead of even better, more fruitful years of evolution.

May your oboe playing be a joyful journey.
In devotion,
October 26th, 2017