Dear Ones, Welcome to Muse Echo, the mid week blog focused on the thoughts, feelings and work regarding the creative process of composing.

I believe the ultimate purpose of art is to increase the ability to love.

Of course motivation and impulse to create can be complicated and multifaceted, as if the creative impulse is a tree with many branches. But I feel the roots of the tree are ultimately rooted in a tap root to love.

Longing, motivation, impulse - ultimately resides from love - from loving and/or needing to love.

Right or wrong, that is my belief and that is my state of wonder and mind for the composing I do.

That's not to say that all my work is light and lovely. It isn't. It can be very dark and disturbed, but it IS always rooted in love. It is rooted in my quest to love more, love deeper, love higher, love a greater and ever broadening understanding and appreciation of love.

Thank you for your interest.
K. Potter