Emotionally fortified long tones!

Dear Ones, Welcome to Oboe Brilliance, the early in the week blog devoted to life long oboe playing for oboists day one to mature virtuosity.

"How do you play the oboe?", I asked my first oboe teacher - who was a jazz saxophonist, James Cassara, on January 7, 1974. "Well, you take a really deep breath, pucker up and blow kisses to God, baby!", he answered.

Well, OK then.


I believe the ultimate purpose of art is to increase the ability to love. So, this week's exercise is to play long tones, consciously, filled with love and send it out into the universe - the ocean of love - like you ARE really, really, blowing a kiss! I encourage you to play as many

long tones a day - in this manner - as you have the privilege of years to your present age.

Have fun.