Beautiful half notes

Dear Ones,

Hello and welcome to Oboe Brilliance blog, devoted to the art of life long oboe playing enrichment.

This week's blog focuses on polishing up and liberating the half notes, transforming them into the gorgeous jewels they deserve to be. Doing so, brightens up every work of music and can help the overall effect of a work of music, shine all the more.

It's too easy to play a half note poorly, but with some TLC, they can go from ho hum, to ooh la la.

While being sure to employ excellent physical technique, play 51 half notes daily for at least 2 weeks in a row. Be sure to give them the full two beat value and carefully play each one on its own as thoughtfully and conscientiously as possible.

How many ways can you accurately play a half note? How well can you express emotion with color, dynamics, articulation, separation and slurring between half notes? How best can you begin and end half notes? Can you tell an entire story with the beginning, middle and end of a half note? How beautiful can you make half notes on every note of your instrument and with every dynamic level? 

How magnificently can you play every single half note in the music that you play?

Review some favorite pieces in your repertoire giving all out attention to the half notes.
What do you notice? How has the overall sound of the piece improve with the extra TLC towards half notes?

Have fun!
K. Potter