A Fox in the Sun

Dear Ones, Hello and welcome to Muse Echo, the mid week blog about the creative process, works completed or in progress, what I was thinking etc...

A Fb friend recently posted this YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6NuhlibHsM which reveals different sounds that foxes make and why.

I invite you to listen to the YouTube then listen to "A Fox in the Sun" , etude for solo oboe which is now lined up first, on the LISTEN page of this website.

"A Fox in the Sun" is the 9th of 12 progressive etudes designed to cover the pertinent technical aspects of oboe playing in a condensed form within etudes suitable for performance. They are also created to develop artistry. Each etude is a sonic portrait of an animal. The oboist is invited to pretend they experience life through the eyes, hears, senses of the animal portrayed.

I love foxes. I love how they look, sound, and appear as if they float and glide above the ground when they move. I love their vibe.

K. Potter