oboe just for you

Dear Ones, Welcome to Oboe Brilliance Monday blogs devoted to the life long art of oboe playing.

No matter what your daily schedule and professional commitments with or with out the oboe, it helps (I believe) to have sacred private time with the oboe that is your quality alone time with the oboe.

If possible, book end your day with oboe playing - even if it's just a little bit - some meaningful private time.

Even if you have a big gig in the evening .... before you put the oboe to rest for the night, take it out of the case for a 5 minute good night of playing to put it to bed.

Just say good morning and good night for 5 minutes, if that's all you have or more if you can. Play thoughtfully in an emotionally connected way. Pick a tonic and improvise some phrases. Just play one note and then another, one note at a time and listen to what unfolds. Imagine first then play, it if you can and care to. (Highly recommended.)

Anyway, the point is, play the oboe for you - at the beginning and end of your day for the pure love of it.  Try it out for three weeks and see how that works for you.

Best wishes for enjoyable oboe playing.

K. Potter

P.S. (SKYPE lessons available by prepaid appointment to study music I've composed or my methods of teaching. Email SKYPE in subject to info@kathrynpotter.com )