Creative Impulse

Dear Ones, Welcome to Muse Echo, the Wednesday blog devoted to the creative process in general and about my works completed or in progress specifically.

A friend in Australia expressed a desire to read about creative impulse. OK - in a nutshell ... here is my philosophy about the root of creative impulse.

The root of creative impulse is the calling to reveal the eternal into the temporal so it can be recognized, experienced and felt completely. It's the act of turning the inside out and then re experienced internally from the outside in. It is the universe's urgency to EXIST and for eternal love to be revealed full circle. "It's Eternal Love dancing with two feet." In this way Eternal Spirit literally matters by being experienced externally and consciously internally through what was created externally (people for example) in love. In this way it matters and is experienced. It this way it ceases to hop and hope on one foot of non existence. I believe LOVE is a dance of opposites to be complete and the creative impulse is the call to dance. Being creative is dancing and is - in accordance with the above philosophy - an act of worshiping love divine.

Best, K