Open Heart Book Ends

Dear Ones, Welcome to Oboe Brilliance Monday blogs devoted to life long oboe playing enjoyment for all oboists.

Today's blog encourages oboists - all - to start and end each day with an expression of gratitude for the joy of another day of life (with the privilege of being an oboist!) by improvising with a tonic drone, or a tonic and dominant drone.

Many oboists have a tuner that can produce a sustained pitch. That can suffice as a drone (sustained note). If A - for example - is the selected pitch, then the oboist can improvise in A minor or major, A Dorian ...etc.

One way to do this is to make sure your improvised melody starts and end on the tonic and consists of only the notes in the scale of choice. Don't worry - just doodle around with those notes, using great technique and focusing your mind on what you wish to express or wish to feel. You'll be amazed what beauty you will create!

As an oboist gets more comfortable with this, chromatics - as desired - can be added.

Oboists with access or ownership to sources of tonic and dominant drones, can improvise over them. It is possible to have two tuners which create sustained pitches and simply tune as you wish - one to A the other to E - for example.

I use my Yamaha Clavinova, record in my P5 drones and improvise over.

I encourage devoting a selected tonic for a day or week and over time, improvising with different tonics. Notice how your physical body and emotional body feels in relationship to the selected tonic.

Enjoy - and wishing all emotionally rewarding oboe playing!
K. Potter

P.S. (SKYPE lessons are available to oboists who wish to study the music and methods I created. Those interested can email me at with SKYPE OBOE LESSON in subject. Thanks you.)