Grateful for another year around the sun

Dear Ones,

So grateful for another year around the sun. Monday the 7th is my 51st birthday.
Interesting age for developing perspective. Thank you to all who are a part of my life and work. As I mature, the more I realize what matters is LOVE and how music is a wonderful tool to cultivate this.

Off to visit parents for special time together who brought me into this weird and gorgeous world to celebrate my life and them with appreciation. Grateful to who they are and how they've lived their lives. It's my Dad's fault I love oboe and pipe organ so much! My mom has always been so supportive, helpful and encouraging for time spent in the arts. They're beautiful people. Time to relish time with them.

A year ago, I celebrated my 50th birthday was in Paris with my dear husband and what lights up my heart brighter than the Eiffel Tower at night? The Parisian children that play oboe and how magnificently life is celebrated and expressed through sensitive art culture. I have cherished memories with friends who met me there and music made. Lovely reunion with Gidi, the 5tet, and I was thrilled to finally meet Farah. Nice to see some colleagues again too such as Nigel and Florian. As brief hello with a publisher. My dear friend and colleague, Marika Lombardi helped make magic happen there for me. I told her, nothing would thrill me more than to revisit Paris, play oboe with the children in Paris and to perform for my 50th. She did her thing and included me into the events of the weekend. I plan on composing "Cheval de Feu" for her. (see muse's wish list)

I will resume blogging in a couple weeks, after I return. Meanwhile - feel free to check out the other pages on this website.

Best wishes to all for vibrant health and joy.
Yours, Kathryn