Decreasing resistance # 1: Liberating TIME

Dear Ones, Welcome to the Oboe Brilliance Monday blog which is devoted to nurturing life long oboe playing for all oboists - students, teachers, amateurs, professionals and retired professionals alike.

Decreasing resistance # 1: Liberating TIME!

Even in modern society, with all the liberating, time saving, mechanical conveniences, finding enough time or just some time for regular enjoyable oboe playing -  for pure pleasure's sake - can sometimes be a challenge.

Once you realize that oboe playing for pure pleasure, is a great (or essential) way to water your thirsty soul, maintain emotional health, make your soul right as rain, hit reset to your core...etc. ,  it helps to do more than just carve out some regular oboe playing time in the schedule. It also helps to DROP something non essential.

1) Comb through how you spend your time and remove something(s) from your doing list to free up more time for oboe playing.

Perhaps you can:

  • Outsource or delegate chores, tasks or work. : ) 
  • Drop a time wasting habit that really doesn't serve you. (Sometimes there is actually something needed emotionally in what appears to be a time waster so check your gut to see how you feel about it.)
  • LET GO of a lesser habit, hobby or time consuming activity that just doesn't fulfill you - enough -  as much as oboe playing. (Again, do a gut check...)
  • Say no thanks or no more to doing things that you rather not do as much as playing the oboe. Remember, what ever you say yes to - is an oboe no - so weigh your choices!
  • Reassess priorities and realize that something you do and don't even question, can be a delightful thing of the past - drop it!
  • Think out of the box with "carpooling teamwork ideas" for example: is there something you do regularly that someone else does regularly that you can do for them and they for you? Take turn doing things for yourself AND someone else, and they in turn for you so both of you have a freed up morning or afternoon....or month...?
  • Lastly - it helps to remember that dropping something and saying no, can actually help another. Sometimes you're not doing anyone a favor by continuing an activity or picking one up. Sometimes, it's better for someone else to do something. For example, let someone else who doesn't have a musical or creative outlet to do something in a community. Your no could be a liberating opportunity to someone else in addition to being a liberator for your emotional, musical enrichment!

Yes, it's about time!

Wishing all, fulfilling oboe playing time!!!
Kathryn Potter

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