Masks in progress...

Welcome to MUSE ECHO, the Wednesday blog where I write about the creative process and/or write about past works - what I was thinking and so on...

Now at the end of March, the Mother Son Mask Project is moving along as Ivan and I are in our 4th month of this project (we started in December 2015). Simply put, we create one visual and sonic mask each month in depiction of the month. Ivan depicts the gist of the month and how he experiences it in a visual form of a 2D mask, sends it to me, then I take that plus my own interpretation of the month and compose music in two voices - one treble and one bass, suitable for C melodic instruments in duet or piano. 

March - so predictably unpredictable. March, so reliably mysterious. March, so fabulously fickle. March, the month where the vistas are far, deep, clear and the skies are exactly as they need to be. Snow? Burning sun interrupted by chilly breezes? March: Cherry blossoms and bird song. March: pastoral and peaceful elegant picnic weather one day and blizzard the next?

Oh yes...and that's just the weather. March, where we as people step back and forth to and from deep internal Winter into Spring, playing peek a boo and hide n go seek of the internal dreams like the bulbs bursting out of the cold ground to reach the light of day.

March: a heaven for artists all.

As I compose these monthly works I relish imagining the bassoon playing the bass clef parts which frequently visit above piano middle C playing tag with the treble melody I imagine for oboe. Double reed day dreams.

I completely LOVE what my son has been creating in his masks. They both surprise me and are perfect. I look forward to and appreciate how they influence my growth as a composer. I love how it is a fun spring board for conversation and keeping in touch with my son's relationship with life as he marches onward into his life as an adult artistic. I look forward to playing these masks each month on piano for years to come - if I may be so fortunate.

Ivan and I look forward to sharing these masks with others once they are properly completed, compiled and made presentable.

Best wishes for a lovely Spring (or Autumn if you are South of the equator!)