100 Flowers Project: past and present

Dear Ones, Welcome back and hello. Muse Echo blogs published Wednesdays, are about the creative process past/present, about what I've composed, what I was or am thinking....and so on.

Today's blog is about the 100 Flowers Project: past and present; A few years ago, I began a project called "The 100 Flowers Project". Simply put, I set out to compose 100 sonic portraits of flowers for the oboe and/or English horn, solos and duets.

4 of the 8 books on the Published Works page of this website, are part of the 100 Flowers project. They are:
Illuminations - 23 short easy oboe solos (A must have in everyone's oboe library!!)
Flowers portrayed are:
Angel flower, A sprig of Lily of the Valley, 3 Azaleas, Begonia, Bluebells, Buttercup, Calla Lily, Camelia, Cherry Blossoms, Cosmos, Dahlia, Forget-Me-Not, Hearts a Poppin', Indian Paintbrush, Johny-jump-up, 7 Lilies, Little Morning Glory, Madonna Lily, Magnolia, Pitcher Plant, Tiger Lily, Violet, White Violet (really all in all, 31 flowers....)

(Please note that these flowers make great sight reading and warm up pieces. Specific flowers form this book or any of all the books can be selected to make a bouquet for your recital or personal at home enjoyment. Most are modal, many chromatic, some 12 tone.)

A Dozen Roses - 12 movements for solo oboe (semi pro to pro) Not for everyone. (This book is designed to be played at home for semi pro to professional players who just want to enjoy playing. Mostly in a minor and straight forward. - not so much for performance. There are a couple of highest A which can be dropped guilt free for any reason. In fact, if I still owned the copyright, I'd edit them out. They just aren't necessary and sound better without them.)

Arc en Ciel - 16 short intermediate to advanced intermediate solos for oboe
Flowers portrayed are:
Bird of Paradise
Fox Glove
Jack in the Pulpit
Morning Glory
Purple Iris
Red Rose
Snap Dragons
(These works vary greatly in style and difficulty. Some are traditional, others more modern. Something for everyone. A favorite can make a nice encore piece or a few carefully selected flowers can make a nice bouquet to include in a recital.)

Visions - 10 pro to pro plus level works for solo oboe  This book celebrates the full glorious voice of the oboe and with the exception of Kangaroo Paw and White Jasmine, is fine to play BUT only if you are comfy with very carefully placed top octave playing. This book simply is not for most oboists. Unless you have an Olympic spirit and want to include top octave notes sometimes, don't bother.  That said, I think some of my best writing is in this book namely the Pink Water Lily, White Water Lily, and Blue Lotus. I love them dearly and premiered the Pink Water Lily last March in Paris, on my 50th birthday. All of these works are doable if you're a pro level player and honor the full range.
Flowers portrayed:
Alba Wisteria
Black Orchids
Blue Lotus
Kangaroo Paw
Pink Water Lily
Purple Orchids
Sun Flowers
White Jasmine
White Orchids
White Water Lily

Frankly, if I could only keep one book of my published works, this would be it. Personally, I think oboists should play ALL the notes on the oboe with real heart. The high notes I compose are very carefully placed so they can be played in tune and with musical sense. In this book I celebrate the full glorious voice of the oboe. I invite you to join me in cherishing this book along with me. Furthermore, this book invokes a wide variety of moods and sensitivities. I highly recommend it IF you are crazy passionate about the oboe and have years of experience.

OK - so those are the works available for the public.

There are many other flowers which I composed that are not yet available.
This year, I am resuming the project. I am reviewing works I wrote years ago. There are several easier oboe duets, solos for English horn, duets for oboe and English horn. I may or may not keep some or all of them, I may or may not edit some or all of them....not sure. I AM however, composing some new ones.

I'm re evaluating how to make my work available. Since I was first published with Armiane in 2011, the business has changed hands twice. There are a variety of concerns with the nuts and bolts of the books published and the business aspect of all of this. In short, as a result of being published by someone else, they not I have copyright.

I've decided to include my oboe duets of flowers into my Oboe Brilliance pedagogy. For maximum reach and enjoyment, I think it's best to sell (make available) progressive duets and progressive solos in various ways - singularly, in separate books and in collections.

Right now I'm back at composing new oboe duets portraying flowers with the intention of making them more progressive and part of the pedagogy.

Well - thanks for your interest and.....
Happy oboe playing.
Kathryn Potter