A Nice Oboe Warm Up

Dear Ones,

Starting with a nice warm up makes oboe playing and/or an oboe lesson lovelier.

Here's one to enjoy to add to or switch up your routine:

Don't look at any music. Just focus on the physical act of playing and listen deeply to the sound you make.

Play 4 consecutive slurred half notes, slurred to a whole note then rest for 4 counts.
pulse: beat = 60
Start out in lower octave and either play random notes or any notes within a predetermined mode/scale.
Imagine (hear in your head the way you want it to sound) the next note you play before you play it.

Application in teaching:
Teacher and student takes turns playing this warm up.
Student echos what teacher plays.
Use to practice specific intervals.
Use to practice specific modes.

Suggestion: Follow up with modal improvising with a drone set to the tonic, or oboists taking turns playing long tone tonics for one another.

Happy oboe playing!
Kathryn Potter

P.S. (SKYPE lessons by appointment available to oboists studying my published works, or privately commissioned works, or teaching methods.)