Composing Update

Dear Ones,

Hello again, just checking in, as it's been awhile....Still here, still on my "pilgrimage" so to speak, in that I'm very withdrawn for a good while, as I am more inward reviewing and polishing up all aspects of oboe playing technique and composing in a new way.


Mother/Son Mask project (JOY) is moving forward as I have completed 10 of the 12 duets for oboe and bassoon (suitable for piano) and am working on the last two. I expect (hope) to be done this month with the last two. Ivan has created all 12 masks so, in the near future, we'll wrap our heads around how to present and make available....keep you posted...

I'm steeped in my third ww5et. I hear it in my dreams, upon waking, often, not always, I think about it first thing in the morning, last thing in the day and during the day when I'm doing other things. It CONSUMES me still...but less so this week. The duets are in the lead this week. They are what I heard upon waking today. 

Mapped out the 5 movements of the quintet some time ago. Have been working on sketches and sections. It's a big weaving with the movements interweaving. Lately I've been working on the 2nd movement, but will be returning to the first soon. I wish to complete the first movement by the Spring. For now though, I'm working on how the movements are connected after having defined how they are different.

I've returned to my Fantasia project this week which is serious fun and what I need to play myself.

The Love Birds trio is tapping me on the shoulder to return to redo/completely and complete. I hear it from time to is marinating, growing wings and clarifying itself. These birds need to fly. BUT after so many starts and stops and interruptions historically, I'm a bit pen shy until I complete the final two masks. Still, I'm listening and "taking notice". I suspect that I'll just sit down and pour it out on the page in a short amount of time. in other words - the contents in the egg are developing. I feel a hatching in the near future.

Earlier today, I revised the Muse's Wish List. I again intensely year to write Black Sails which is a must begin in 2017...but - I require a commission to compose this one.

I don't have a commission for my WW5tet # 3, but enough interest and intense personal need that I'm willing to devote the INSANE amount of hours to compose it. I think of it as my magnum opus and I'm treating it as if it's the ONLY music that will outlive me. But don't get me wrong - I have a morbid perspective. I get how my life, like the planet itself - in all it's lifespan -  is but one tiny drop in the comprehensive ocean of universal life. HOWEVER - ironically - it is because of how insignificant and irrelevant I feel, I relish the eternal love within. When I compose, I honor and worship, what I believe is eternal love. I believe eternal love is what embodies all and what matters. I strive now, to create beauty and work in adoration of this love, harmony and beauty. As small as I may be, I appreciate and relish each moment I can to the best of my ability.

Each note, is like a pearl. An act of beauty and an act of conscious integration of heart, mind, body and spirit. So too, each piece, hour, day....

All best wishes for this holiday season/end of year.
Peace. Kathryn