Joy of SKYPE lessons!

Dear Ones,

Oh yes - SKYPE lessons = JOY. Grateful for this technology. Especially today with over a foot of snow covering this mountainous area!  Instead of oboe lessons canceled - my student Luca and I enjoyed a delightful full hour oboe lesson.

While it is preferable to have oboe lessons in person, SKYPE lessonsmake lessons possible in inclement weather, or when time/distance or someone's health, make in person lessons too difficult or impossible.

Today I used the following Oboe Brilliance teaching methods during the SKYPE lesson:

ECHO: Simply put, one oboist plays and the other echoes back what she heard.

application: For warm ups - I played what was helpful for my student to 1) warm up 2) review intervals and scale passages 3) echo Baroque passages in the the Corelli, Handel, and Bach movements Luca chose (from works I assigned her to practice)

LEAP FROG: Simply put, teacher and student play the same piece taking turns playing measures or phrases.

application: Select a piece of music that each person puts on a music stand, and take turns playing phrases or measures in the piece!

hint: it's best if the teacher wears headphones

PICK 1 of 3: Simply put, one person gives the other 3 improvising choices. One choice is selected secretly, played, then the one who gave the choices "guesses" which choice was improvised.

One of three can inspire interesting artistic conversations.  "Tell me about your creative process" or "What were you imagining/thinking?" are great "diving boards" for creative conversation.

Thank YOU for your interest and best wishes for your on going love of music making.

Please note: I offer SKYPE lessons nationally and internationally to those who wish to:
1) Study the Oboe Brilliance teaching methods
2) Study the music I've composed that is published - or written specifically for one who commissioned me to write the music for him/her.

Happy Oboe playing!

Kathryn Potter