Smooth colorful slurs

Dear Oboists,

Welcome to the third generation of the Oboe Brilliance, oboe coaching blogs which are posted most Mondays. Generation 3 is designed for both students to enhance their study and oboe teachers to use within their lessons.

Smooth colorful slurs, lesson # 2, is a continuation of lesson # 1. Please apply what was covered last week.

With practice, conscious effort, and a few know hows, beautiful slurring is possible to achieve both ascending and descending.

1) With one breath, sing DO for 4 seconds and slur to RE for 4 seconds.
2) Now hear that in you imagination.
3) Repeat
4) Now play that on your oboe - DO and RE can be either fixed and/or moveable solfége - it's up to you.

5) With one breath, sing DO for 2 seconds, RE for 2 seconds and then back to DO for 2 seconds.
6) Now hear that in your imagination.
7) repeat
8) Now play that on your oboe.

using the above pattern - practice this descending with DO, TI, DO

As always - use superb diaphragmatic support with conscious air stream direction.

Happy oboe playing.

Best wishes for a lovely week.

Musically yours,

If any questions feel free to email me.
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