Freya's Friday # 1

Dear Guests,

Welcome to the return of Freya's Friday blogs - now called Artistic Cultivation - in which I share my thoughts/philosophies about life, creativity, teaching, music....and how to nourish and mature as an artist.

Mozart said, "There is no such thing as great art, only great love." I agree, and feel that to cultivate an artist well, it is wise to cultivate a lover of life, love, harmony, and beauty with skills to celebrate that with the cultivation of experience, appreciation, tools of expression and imagination.

I believe as teachers, the skills we foster and nourish are to be on the foundation of - awe of life is beautiful - and they as a living breathing sentient being are incredibly beautiful as they are now and fortunate to posses the senses allowing them to drink in this vast fleeting privilege and beauty. Art is a celebration of that and a cultivation of being able to open up to and experience the beauty of life more with maturity.

Welcome back friends,