Colorful long tones using DO, RE, MI

Dear Oboists, (etc.)

Hello and welcome to the third generation of Oboe Brilliance blogs! Generation 1 was free and for students mostly, generation 2 for pay and for teachers mostly, now generation 3 is free for both!

Here is a way of practicing long tones on the oboe (or any other wind instrument) that I recommend. If you are a student - ask your teacher for help. If you need more help or clarity - ask me. kathryn.potter65 is my SKYPE address and I'll help you out for a few minutes for free, but email me first.

Stand for this exercise.

Step one: imagine the sound of a gorgeous, concert, middle C on piano, ( = lowest C on oboe), in your head.
Step two: to the best of your ability, play that note in a long tone of moderate duration on your instrument.
Step three: rest, breathe, sing that note singing DO - (as in DO, RE, MI etc.) and if you know the hand signals for solfége, use them.
Step four: shaping the word DO, inside of your head and throat as if you are singing DO, play another moderate duration long tone DO ( concert C)  on your instrument.

repeat this pattern up the C Major/ fixed solfége D0 scale. DO = C, RE = D, MI = E, FA = F,
SOL = G, LA = A, TI = B, DO = C. or

Notice the color you achieve with this practice.

ENJOY and have fun.
OH - and application. Play a phrase in repertoire with the vocal vowel of your choice and listen to what happens. : )

Best wishes and happy oboe playing! Kathryn