Welcome What and Thank you!

Dear Guests,

Hello and welcome to this new website so generously, cleverly, kindly and creatively designed by Ivan Potter-Smith, my son. Special thanks to Ivan!

With this new site, guests can:

  1. Listen to some of my music with improved access - via Listen page.
  2. Commission new works in a clear, informed and friendly way - via Commission page
  3. Study my music and work with greater clarity and access - via Oboe Brilliance and Muse Echo blogs (in addition to SKYPE or in person coaching.)
  4. Grow artistically with Freya's Friday blogs .... with much greater ease and access

BLOG SCHEDULE! starting Monday September 21, 2015:

most Mondays: OBOE BRILLIANCE: Celebrating the art of oboe playing, studying and teaching. (Specifically for but not limited to oboists.)

most Wednesdays: MUSE ECHO: Blogs about my compositions and creative process.....

most Fridays: Freya's Fridays: Blogs about my philosophies and techniques on developing creativity.

Thank you also to several beautiful people and fine musicians performing on this site:
Eliot Wadopian: bassist and dear husband xoxo
quintetto ANEMOS: for brilliant artistry, courage, adventure and music (I love you all xoxox)

So many people behind the scenes:
recording engineers Chris Rosser*, Dick Kowal, and Nigel Keay*
 * composers as well
Angels with various wings: Dominque Enon, Marika Lombardi, Marie-Ange Multrier-Fortin and her family, Eleanor Smith, The Italian Consulate in Paris,  Oliver Hazan and Bruno Gaudin, Susie Berzsenyi, Lynn Vergo, Kachina Davine, Deb Pollard and many other supporters in various ways...

Yes, I'm feeling very grateful to be able to do what I do, and am very aware it is only possible through present and historic support via family, community, education and generous sponsors.

All of the present work I can and am doing, is all because of people who've cared enough to be generous and hard working themselves.

I am feeling thrilled to move forward in a way to give back better and to move forward more effectively.

Now, thank you for visiting and for your interest.

Musically yours,
Kathryn J. Potter