Third time's a charm

Dear Guests,

Welcome to the third generation of Oboe Brilliance Coaching Blogs.

Generation one was free and open, posted most Mondays via for a few years and written mostly to/for students before I started Oboe Brilliance Inc.

Generation two was for paid members of the Oboe Brilliance Inc. studio, put up at one time mostly,  and was written primarily for teachers.

This summer, I decided to change things up. I dissolved Oboe Brilliance Inc. - but continue the work in a new way. I have merged and with

Generation 3 is again free and open and will be posted most Mondays. As in the past they will be progressive but this time it's equally for oboe students of all levels and oboe teachers - general music teachers to oboe teaching specialists.

I aspire to offer creative and helpful ways to enhance all oboists love of the oboe. From my point of view, once and oboe student, always an oboe student! As an oboe student since 1974, I continue to learn more, love more and improve my ability more as an oboist.

Oboe Brilliance is all about enjoying and playing the oboe in a personally meaningful way for life. It's a musical pilgrimage of musical love and discovery.

Welcome back or simply welcome!
I love our world wide oboe family and love getting to know so many oboists in this world.

Happy and healthy oboe playing!
Musically yours,

Kathryn J. Potter