Holiday time gratitude and reflections

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Oboe Brilliance blogs designed to assist the finer aspects of wind sculpting specifically for oboe teachers and students of all levels, internationally.

Today's blog, being the last one of the year, as we embrace the holiday season of year's end, encourages all to reflect upon the past year with gratitude and jot down what you wish to remember.

What did you learn and from whom about how to play with greater skill, nuance, control, emotional artistry? What performances did you play or hear/attend which you care to remember and what about it/them do you wish to remember?

Take a moment to reflect with gratitude these precious experiences in your life a musical artist and human being!

If you wish, take a moment tocommunicate appreciation to your teacher and/ or students what is noteworthy from the year past.

As teachers it's GREAT to let your students know what you appreciate about each student's individual efforts, skills acquired, progress made as well as their special qualities that you have not overlooked.

Wishing all a healthy, joyous, safe and lovely holiday.
Best wishes for the year's end and New Year!

I'm SO excited about 2016.

Oboe Brilliance blogs will resume in early/mid January.
Thank you for visiting and for your interest.

HAPPY oboe playing!

Kathryn Potter