Art of listening: First Lesson

Dear Guests, Welcome to Freya's Friday blogs where I write about my philosophies, exercises and ways to deeply nourish the artist within for all artists; artists of life, in addition to people with a focused artistic discipline such as musicians, chefs, painters.... Today's blog is the first in a series about the art of listening.

For this first lesson, just listen as deeply as you can to all you hear, without interrupting it verbally or mentally. Listen quietly and patiently with you heart.

Exercising the art of listening in this way is profoundly liberating to the artist within and increases a key skill of awareness on a multitude of levels.

If you wish to take this exercise up a notch, keep a listening journal to jot down your notes and observations, epiphany's etc. of what you wish to document or remember as a result of doing this exercise.

In honor of all the end of the year Holidays and the New Year, the next lesson will be posted mid January. So, best wishes until next post.

Wishing you peace and joy,