Stage IX of the IX Stages of Purification, W5tet # 2

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Muse Echo, my Wednesday blog posts, where I write about the creative process, what inspired me, what I was thinking, etc. regarding my musical compositions.

This blog is the final blog about my wind quintet # 2, IX Stages of Purification, which focuses on the final movement (IX) which you can hear here, if you scroll down to the quintet, and further down to Stage IX!  

This final movement is 6 minutes 30 seconds or so long. 

Movement IX is a celebration of human survival and successful transformation of achieving the vision for a reclaimed human culture on planet earth. I worked to convey a feeling of celebration, accomplishment as the result of hard work led by visionary skill, rooted in past humanity. Then I worked for gentle collage of the story, while avoiding the intensity or gist of movements III and VIII, as I was going after a different emotional experience. I went after conveying both a sense of new beginning and final accomplishment.

After the opening of this movement, I put in a duet featuring just the clarinet and bassoon to highlight them and the people they represent.

I focused on the character of the visionary poet/ expressed by the clarinet, in a heart felt
recitative like narrative. I strove to convey urgency, passion, concern, optimism, innovation and I am so very pleased with "Zucci's" performance.

The bassoon during the duet, recaps previous themes and is being the character of the new adapted human. The two are busy at work being themselves simultaneously playing different musical themes.

The quintet gets layered with counterpoint more gently then previous movements as I quote and wind down. Now, with the horror behind humanity, an upheld, necessary optimism to inspire courage is no longer needed. I worked to create a feeling beyond hope and with a sense of relief.

OK so now, to reiterate and expound upon the dream, which inspired this piece:

I dreamed that a shaman woman from hundreds of years in the future, contacted me in the dream state. She wanted to show me the future and for me to hear the music for a piece she was rehearsing to play/perform for the celebration ceremony of the end of the IX Great Stages of Purification, so I could write it for her to play!

The dream begins with just us two in the body of the aircraft. I can see her vividly. Her hair, eyes and skin are all golden brown. Her eyes are like citrine/amber. She is breathtakingly beautiful and empathic. My consciousness expands and changes as I "download" information simply by being in her presence.  We jump out of the plane together and fall through the sky for a long time while viewing acres and acres of farmland. I feel like it's where what early 21st century people call Northern France. I am overcome with feelings of love for the planet, I somehow gain conscious awareness to her heart which is connected to the earth itself. We can feel this rhythm of pulse, like a heart beat everywhere and it is overflowing with joy and beauty. These feelings were transcendent. It felt like ALL of life was interconnected and rejoicing.

When it occurs to me that this act of falling might be the last thing I do and that we do not have parachutes, I don't panic, but just make the best of each moment...I don't waste a second fretting or fighting, I just cherish this wonderful fall and behold the vast beauty all around as I feel joyful that earth and some humanity managed to survive preceding ages. I am relishing every tiny bit and fear just doesn't exist. 

To my pleasant surprise, we landed gracefully,  on our feet in a field of golden brown wheat, (under a blue sky) the first crop of heirloom seeds planted on the surface of the earth that made it to harvest time - the final marker and test to prove that earth had completed its reclamation of health and successfully concluded the last stage of purification. 

We walked into a stone (granite perhaps) cathedral where her rehearsal was. The music was part of a feast where people would eat the bread from this successful surface crop. A very long awaited and hard worked for event....

 She enjoyed playing chamber music in small double reed choirs. : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Conscious breathing and double reed playing were vital parts of human (and therefor all)  life in this future age. OH YES!'s that for hope for the future!?!

What a dream. What an experience. Just had to share.