"I believe the ultimate purpose of art...."

Dear Guests,

Freya's Friday offerings share my philosophies and exercises to liberate, nurture, and give wings to the artist within each person. If there is just one thing I leave this world it is this: "I believe the ultimate purpose of art is to increase the ability to love." K. Potter

I believe that with all of my being. Love,  is the purpose behind my work and the root and spine of my work. If it isn't about love, it's a waste of time. I mean love in the greatest, general, specific and multi faceted capacity.

Listen with love. Play your instrument with love. Love the color you're painting. Love the unique expression someone trying to play or express or what ever is doing. Love that they're doing it. There is no highest mountain to achieving artistry or love. What matters is that a person doing and observing art is exercising his/her ability to love. I encourage people to support that for what it is.

There is no end point to music or any form of art. There are no steps backward - only another step in the pilgrimage of artistic making, sharing, discovering.

This week - the assignment is - to simply appreciate the people you notice - on some form of artistic journey - however adept or challenged, experienced or new -

Being artistic is a type of flying - rejoice in the flight more than worrying about if someone else colors out of the lines or with a different color than what you'd choose. It's about LOVE. While you're at it - go ahead and love your art more passionately by letting what you do be an expression of appreciation for something - the color, the flavor, the way you feel, the delicate nuance of phrasing - something...with heightened consciousness and sensitivity.

Have fun and best wishes.