About Stage V from the IX Stages of Purification

Dear Guests,

Welcome back. This is the 5th blog about the IX Stages of Purification and it focuses on Stage V.
If you are in the mood for a good bassoon solo - this is the movement to enjoy! Stage V is 3:15 minutes in length. The bassoon solo is from about 1:20 to 2:10 in Stage V, and BRAVO goes to Ivan Calestani for this live, premiere performance. (scroll down) http://composerkjp.com/listen/ I told him to interpret it how ever he wished. I wrote it with his bassoon playing and personality specifically in mind. Stage V is about the first adapted human and it is represented by the bassoon. Of course, this person has to dance because humans are designed to dance and I dare say ENJOY life. Isn't life a dance? To the dance! Most of this movement is in 3/4.

The bassoon has the stage during it's solo, while the others rest. A 30+ minute work is demanding on instrumentalists and so I wanted to give the others an entertaining breather. I also wanted to cleanse the listening pallet with something refreshing and remarkable so I threw in a nice little bassoon solo. I love the bassoon and I've never met a bassoonist that I didn't like. It has an excellent effect on people who play and hear it. The bassoon has the perfect sound for this solo - down to earth, seriously playful, bold, real, and artistic. It feels to me encouraging.

While this dream I mentioned has undercurrents of historic grave concerns, the overall tone is one of great hope and promise. I believe that the bassoon conveys all of that. I feel that the bassoon can convey a human - that is undaunted and personable.

Stage V starts with an echo to the Stage I with it's flowing, descending arpeggios and echos Stage II with the repeated 8th notes running theme. It picks up and develops the dancing waltz motif introduced in Stage II.

Did I mention that so far in life, I am happiest composing for wind quintet? I love it so much. The harmonies can be so rich with 5 voices and counterpoint is fun. it's easy to bring out and tuck away different instruments in the quintet. I made it a point to let each instrumentalist come forward at some point in the entire piece more or less. Bassoon is a bit more. Especially in Stages V and IX.

Musically yours,