Stage VIII; Reclaiming sky and rivers

Dear Guests,

Welcome. Today's blog continues the discussion about Wind Quintet # 2, "IX Stages of Purification" with Stage VIII, Reclaiming sky and rivers. Scroll down to Stage VIII to hear:  In this movement I strongly quote the third stage Thick Clouds. These two movements are related most, as now its time to heal the wounded sky. Movement VIII is about the work efforts to heal the wounded planet. If you listen you can hear the raising up of the sky, the making of new clouds, the return of flowing water (echo Stage I) This work involves heroic efforts and compassionate will, so Stage VI is echoed as well with the gist of the horn. The visionary represented by the clarinet gets involved again too, so you can listen for that. The clarinet directs, encourages, inspires and dreams some more. To depict the feel of work and moving forward, I quote Stage II. Again, there is a motion of migration, things shifting and changing on the surface of the world.

During the most contrapuntal sections of this movement, I am layering echos of prior movements and in this way make this movement at that time most like the music I heard in the dream. (To reiterate prior blogs on this topic, this music is from a dream I had.) The emotional effect however, does not represent the gist of the dream, which Stage IX, captures somewhat.

Next week, will be the final blog about this work. In that blog, I will go more in depth about the dream.