Dear Guests, Welcome. The 3rd generation of Oboe Brilliance blogs celebrate life long oboe playing. It's written for teachers, students, pros and hobbyists alike.

Today's blog message is simple. Just be sure to play, playfully from time to time - like musical doodling. Just enjoy yourself playing the oboe - all responsibility aside. This is especially helpful for busy pros or all too serious students who are in the habit of just playing what's assigned.

Imagine a horse used to a regimented routine, course, with every step predetermined. Oboists can be like a horse in that condition. So, make it a point (metaphorically speaking) to saddle up the horse and take it to an open field and just let it run as it wishes, for pure love of running.

So, ironically, here's the assignment. Just play for fun. Push aside all the routine once in a while and just doodle, just play, just blow through your reed and move the fingers. Just play one note after the other and discover what happens. You don't even have to make it a point to express your predetermined heart but just listen to your oboe; listen to your heart. What's going on? What are you hearing? Just play! Put your control freak in the back seat and play without the page, without a form of improvising, or - if you can stand it - reason, other than simply playing.

If you're a teacher, one thing you can do is have a back and forth conversation with a student. A nonsense conversation of turn taking doodling.

I dare you, you'd be surprised what can happen.

Repeat periodically.

Enjoy your oboe playing.
Musically yours,

P.S. (SKYPE lessons by appointment available, COMMISSIONS possible by contract.)