Stage VII Renaissance Love Gardens

Dear Guests, Welcome. Today's blog is about Stage VII, (duration 4:20) of the 2nd wind quintet, the IX Stages of Purification, which is a music given to me a dream which you can hear, here if you scroll down to Stage VII:

In this stage, we celebrate the Renaissance Love Gardens: Gardens which grow heirloom seed fruits, flowers and vegetables in special greenhouses in the future. People delight in dancing, flowers, and of eating excellent food. These gardens restore hope, beauty and confidence in the adapted humans in the establishment of the new humanity.

You can hear that I echo and weave motifs from movements, I, II, IV, V, and VI. (Since Stage VIII is a development of III, I leave stage III out of it.)

Again, in this movement as in movement VI, I treat all instruments equally, with occasional highlights of clarinet and horn. The feeling of dance is common in this piece as it indicates a positive and optimistic outlook - embracing life with compassion, enjoyment and positive forward motion. This was a strong gist of the dream which this piece is based upon. Positive, cooperative outlooks with courage lead to positive outcomes.

To reiterate, in the dream, a shaman from hundreds of years in thefuture, contacts me in dream state and shares with me a glimpse of utopia of humanity (and music) just after what they call the IX Great Stages of Purification.

Gardening and food production is of vital importance and joy. This stage in particular celebrates the success and love of the art of gardening in future humanity.

Enjoy and musically yours,