Stage VI

Dear Guests,

Welcome back. In Stage VI, of the IX Stages of Purification, wood wind quintet # 2, the dream continues with music which depicts the Stage in which surviving humanity turns, by creating the plan to accomplish the vision of a human culture of peace and reverence for life.

It is crystal clear that the only way forward for remaining adaptive humanity is to create a new culture based on love, harmony and beauty.

In this short 3:14 minute movement, (scroll down to Stage VI) hear the planning, meeting and moving forward of a new culture being created. It is accomplished cooperatively and harmoniously. Work is underway in a flowing forward, getting to work fashion.

It is designed to sound like planning, mapping the vision while also considering the past. Hints of nostalgia and concern.

It is matter of fact and hopeful, serious, careful and with a good nature. There is a balance of all instruments playing in a flowing forward feeling by using 3/4 meter and rhythm carefully in a way that varies and integrates the work as a whole.

Musically yours,