Freya's Fridays # 2, Cultivating the artist within with personal peace

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Freya's Fridays, which is my Friday blog offering about cultivating the artist within.

One personal practice I'm practicing daily simply put is this: "Allow others to be where and how they need to be and delight in my own life and work." I've found this requires a unique courage and helps increase self awareness.

By making my own decisions, (rather than going along with a status quo which may not reflect my integrity) and by letting others make their own decisions without my attempts at manipulation,  my ability to love, respect and appreciate both myself and others increases!

As an artist, this helps me grow and I find it delightfully liberation.

Since one can create conflict by prohibiting others from being themselves or by imposing one's will on another, we can creates peace by allowing others to be themselves. Therefor the high art of peace is to be oneself in a way that doesn't impede others from being themselves. Complete peace requires mutual respect and cooperation. Personal peace requires personal respect and personal permission to be oneself as truly as possible in a given context without harm to others.

This practice, certainly helps in the art of knowing oneself, which leads to deeper art. It helps in the art of practicing and cultivating love. The more I truly love, the more I am grateful and relish the unique qualities of all people/life around me.

It's not for me to decide how others should be or how the world should be. Nor is it for anyone else to decide who I am and how I should be - think, feel, believe.....! In my opinion, it is outrageously arrogant for another person to presume to dictate to me how I should be and vice versa. To cross the line of personal integrity and morality to decide things for another person is unloving at best and tyrannical at worst - as it seems to me from my present point of view - as no one person has omniscience.

Every person, I believe, has a unique gift and voice which only they can share it - if they cultivate the courage to do so. It is up to the individual to shine like a star in the sky - no one else can do it for them, but many can help. Even if a person doesn't posses the courage or desire to share their art, just the act of being oneself and cultivating oneself is a gift to humanity, themselves and the world - for they are developing the art of being themselves, alive, in truth, love, harmony and beauty.

In my opinion, if I'm not developing my consciousness and ability to love, I'm not doing my job as an artist. This practice, cultivates those abilities within me and is therefor of value to me.

I'm surprised at how complex, and artistically liberating this practice is. "Allow others to be where and how they need to be and delight in your own life and work." If you're looking for a practice and think this might be for you and you try it - feel free to let me know what you discover for yourself via an email or letter.

Enjoy and peace!