Muse Echo # 3 Stage I, Ice Melting

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Muse Echo where I write about the creative process of composing music. Today's blog is about Stage I, ICE MELTING of Wind Quintet # 2, IX Stages of Purification, which you can hear on the LISTEN page.

When I heard the music in the dream, I heard all of it as if at once, in a brief period of time. I heard layers of sound simultaneously. One layer was of like pure flowing water running down. I decided to focus on that one aspect of the collage of sound as the introduction to the entire quintet, then weave that thread at times into other movements of the quintet later.

I enjoyed playing with the instrumental ranges of the various instruments of the quintet and their colors to capture the feelings, counterpoint and colors of cascading water. I hope you will enjoy as you listen.

This quintet is available to hear for free here, on my website. If it inspires you or someone you know to commission a new work, please visit the commission page provided here on the website for you. I welcome the opportunity of real work to create something of beauty and depth.

Thank you for your interest.

P.S. (Next week's Muse Echo will be about Stage II)