Long tones color play - Oboe Brilliance vol.3/#3

Dear Oboe students and oboe teachers,

Welcome to blog 3 of generation 3, Oboe Brilliance coaching blogs. Today's blog is about creating long tones with different colors.

1) Listen to a note.
2) Listen to that same note in your imagination.
3) Choose a vowel and sing that note with that vowel.
4) Play the note as a long tone on the oboe (or bassoon...etc.) with your internal muscles shaped to sing that vowel.
5) Sing that same note with a different vowel.
6) repeat step #4
7) Repeat pattern with another note ....
Enjoy hearing the differences in color you can create.

To apply - contemplate how this technique/skill can be applied for sustained notes in phrases. For example - what vowel sound is best to use for the last note of a phrase? - highest note - or highest contour of a melody?

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Thank you for your interest and ENJOY your oboe!

Musically yours,