Breathing in the sky

Dear Guests,

Welcome back to Freya's Fridays designed to celebrate, liberate and nourish the artist within, with my unique philosophies and exercises.

This blog is a continuation of the past two weeks.

To reiterate:
1) LOOK UP: 3 times a day, go outside and look up at the sky. Observe how you feel emotionally before during and after.
2) BEING IN THE SKY: Do the above, yet now, keep in mind - or imagine, ( except where you touch the ground), you are in the sky.

This week:
3) BREATHING IN THE SKY: Continue step two - and as you are being in the sky, breathe in the sky and imagine that the sky is in you while you are in the sky. How do you feel knowing the sky is dancing inside your lungs - and the air that was in you is now dancing out into the sky? What do you think about what was in your lungs is now dancing in the sky?

Enjoy - and wishing all a lovely, lovely week.
To the muse!

P.S. ( In addition to giving SKYPE lessons to oboists who study my music and methods,  I can help liberate and nurture the artist within via SKYPE coaching as well!)