about Stage IV from WInd quintet # 2, IX Stages of Purification

Dear Guests,
Welcome to Muse Echo were I write about the creative process and what I was thinking when I was composing. Today's blog is about Stage IV from the IX Stages of Purification, my 2nd Wind Quintet which you can hear http://composerkjp.com/listen/

This stage is unique in that it focuses on an individual - represented by melody in the clarinet - whom I think of as the poet, the artist, the visionary who makes all the difference to the future of humanity. To reiterate, this entire work is based on a dream that I had. In this dream, a shaman from hundreds of years in the future, contacts me in the dream state to show me the earth, and humanity after the IX Great Stages of Purification of human history. (Based on my own dream interpretation, humanity, in the 20teens, is in the first stage of purification.)

I heard music in the dream, music that the woman would play in a rehearsal I was able to hear. It's as if I heard the music she wanted me to write for her! So I did. Of course, I had to add my imagination and write an interpretation of all I heard as best as I could. What is strange is that I heard the music almost all at once - like a zip file!

Anyway, I began to compose the music after I met with ANEMOS, the quintet that performed my first quintet. After a couple days of rehearsing in Northern Italy, the clarinetist whom I affectionately call "Zucci" cooked a delicious pasta and tuna dinner. While the quintet and I began to eat the pasta dish, the 6 of us, for the FIRST time, got all quiet. This struck me as hilarious - a moment of silence - from an otherwise often gregarious bunch. 

One main reason why I composed this music for this quintet was because of the wonderful cooking and clarinet playing of Maestro "Zucci". I just adore him and appreciate his easy going nature. I envision him as a wondering poet in a modern world, confused but with a great heart so it was important to me that he get featured a bit in this 2nd quintet, which is why he got the melody in this 4th movement which you can hear. He also holds out notes in the chord changes to help create a feeling that things hinge on him. They do!

In this movement, I pull in and weave just some strands from previous 3 movements. I think of this work as a tapestry of sound and mostly like a 9 course meal. So, in course 4, I use some ingredients from the first three movementsbut in different ways. Not so much as a variation or development, just creating some continuity so the different movements will WORK as a whole piece. These things don't just happen magically!  

My aim in the 4th movement was to create a feeling of new ideas, a voice coming out of the wilderness, wandering, movement, change. A group pilgrimage to a new place, led by the clarinet - poet, visionary, artist with a good heart. A new culture rooted in the heart with vision.

I hope you'll enjoy it.
Best wishes,